The Basie team had its meeting yesterday (chat log). The main topic of this week’s meeting was coming up with a marking rubric for the UCOSP students.

We spent some time going over one of the papers mentioned earlier – Turning Student Groups into Effective Teams (PDF) – focusing on the fourth section on peer ratings. Everyone seemed to agree with the second approach detailed on page 9 of the PDF (page 17 in the journal). Students’ participation marks should not just be based on their code committed to the final project, but also be based on their “team citizenship”: how well they fulfilled their responsibilities, helped other out, etc.

We decided that each team (most of the UCOSP students are split into pairs and working on one feature for the team) would post their marking scheme to the developers’ mailing list. Bill Konrad took the initiative during the meeting and posted the scheme for his ‘team’. Bill categorized his work on Basie into five roles: Participant, Worker, Tester, Enabler (all work on Basie is peer-reviewed), and Supporter (this is more Bill-specific). We all really liked his role-based scheme, and something similar might work for the other UCOSP projects.

A number of other things were discussed – it’s all in the log if you’re interested. One idea worth mentioning is having a demo, such as a screencast on YouTube, showing all the changes made to Basie this term. This might not work for the projects that need little in the way of user interfaces, but it would be neat to have some of the other teams do this too.