Apart from the fact that it’s great to work on a real project. I believe it was invaluable to meet the programmer behind the name at the start of semester. It gave us the chance to not only meet, but perform a little team building as well rather than just a name somewhere in cyberspace. I think that working in a distributed team like this gave us all an experience that we might not get from some IT companies. I’m really glad that I had the chance to be apart of this course. If we’ve learned nothing, the very least we can take away from this project is how to deal with a distributed team in the future. But from the sounds of previous posts, we all have something or another that we can take away.

In Basie, we made it a standard to review code before its submitted. This is not a bad idea, but I decided to split my work into many reviews that took weeks finish. This wasn’t because the reviews were long, but because as the semester progressed, student reviewers became busy. It became a little difficult to keep things separate when each progressive feature built on top of the previous.