Basie is a web-based software project forge that integrates revision control, issue tracking, mailing lists, wikis, status dashboards, and other tools that developers need to work effectively in teams. It is simple enough for students to master in just a few minutes, but powerful enough to support large, distributed teams, and is freely distributed under an open source license.

Basie is built on top of Django, a Python-based web application framework, and the jQuery Javascript library. Our plans for the Winter 2010 term include improving security, adding a code review tool, redesigning parts of the user interface to make full use of AJAX, making the whole system faster, integrating external services like Google Calendar and Twitter, and creating tools to help users of older systems like Trac upgrade. Students must have previous web programming experience (including a basic knowledge of Javascript). Familiarity with Python and Django are also assets.

Mentor: Greg Wilson (University of Toronto)