Wow, it’s already half way through the term. Working with Greg and the Basie team has been a great experience. I am glad that I chose Basie as the project to work with, as I got to learn Django and Python. I feel that I’m working at a pretty good pace with Basie, but sometimes I feel that I’m not doing enough when compared to the more experienced members on the team. In the next half of the term, I will try and set better goals for myself, and strive to achieve them.

Additionally, during the next half of the term, I would like to learn more on web development in general, and JQuery. This is my first time working with JQuery (and Django) and I’m surprised how well JQuery works. It was pretty simple to pick up JQuery, but I feel that there is still a lot to learn. Also, I feel that my team has some very experienced members and that I could really benefit from working with them.

During the first half of the term, we’ve been bashing away at bugs and getting Basie 0.6 released. This coming half, I’m really looking forward to improving Basie by adding new features. Now that I’ve gone over most of the learning curve of Django, Python, and JQuery, I hope I can achieve more than before.