Here are status reports for this week (15th of March):

  • Veronica reviewed draft of the “Getting Started” document for the project and filed a ticket describing proper header behaviour (#116). She is planning to apply some of her magic to revamp ticket and global search UI design, and will start working on the UI/frontend style guide together with Chris.
  • Jackie worked on improving error message reporting in milestones and tickets apps. He has finished milestones and will continue working on tickets this week.
  • Chad published a walkthrough document containing instructions on setting up an XP machine for Basie development. These instructions will be soon merged into our documentation. He will be working on the email attachments feature and will have something on the reviewboard early next week.
  • Nikita closed several outstanding tickets. In addition, he was occupied researching how to better implement tagging. He will continue working on tagging this week, with a goal to produce a solution for ticket and milestone application by the next meeting.
  • Chris worked on trac2basie utility as well as reviewing lots of peer code on the review board. He will continue adding features to the trac2basie tool this week, and will have it ready for the first review early next week.
  • Francois and Guillaume spent most of their time  adding more Selenium tests to the project and will continue to do that this week. They might also be pairing up with Chad to help him out with coding up the email attachment feature.
  • Alex had lots of fun with timezones this week, commiting several pieces of code in regards to those issues. He started learning Selenium framework, which he will continue to do this week along with reviewing Francois’ and Guillaume’s test suits.