Road Blocks:

  • Alex – Looking for some feedback on timezone tests, mainly for source app. (R723)
    • Guillaumes will review them and provide feedback.
  • Chris – Awaiting review for Trac-2-Basie tool. (R718)
    • Nikita has been given the task as reviewer.
  • Chad – Need some redirection from Veronica in terms of design.
    • Veronica and Chad will have discussion.


  • Guillaumes continues with Selenium testing. Tests for the about page has been reviewed by Chris, now awaiting update. Up next for Selenium testing is the Tickets app.
  • Francois also working on Selenium testing. Tests for the Dashboard is under review by Chris. Additionally, tests for admin_database should be up in ReviewBoard really soon.
  • Nikita knocked off 2 tickets off his list (T305, T308), both committed. He’ll be posting a review request for Tagging by tomorrow. Additionally, he’ll be reviewing Chris’ Trac2basie tool.
  • Veronica continued producing great mockups, “Local Search” and “Global Header”. She had a meeting with Tania and discussed about the documentation.
  • Chris once again did quite a few reviews for everyone (R566, R657, R713, R715, R719). Also, Chris has filed several new tickets (T311, T312, T313).
  • Alex has submitted some tests for timezones, should be ready in the next couple of days.
  • Chad has been working hard on getting attachments up, just needs some GUI work. A review request for attachments is planned for next week.
  • Jackie has been working on error messages for milestones, it’s nearly ready for commit. Next would be error messages for tickets, which should be quick as it’s really similar to milestones.