• François Fournier : Selenium tests for Mail application (reviewed by AlexLe). Selenium tests for Dashboard application (reviewed by ChrisV). Selenium tests for Admin Manage page. Next step is to continue working on Admin Database.
  • Guillaume Simard : Selenium tests for About application (Reviewed by Nikita). Reviewed AlexLe tests for Timezones. Started tests for tickets application. Next step will be to start documentation on “How to do Selenium Tests” and work on review to commit Selenium tests on reviewBoard.
  • Veronica Wong:  Reviewed documentation questionnaire. Worked on many aspects of the mockup. Continue her work with the mockup. Start reviewing Selenium Tests.
  • Chris Van : Worked on Trac2Basie tool to take in consideration Nikita comments. Review a lot of code (Selenium Dashboard tests, Selenium About page, Radom-Data tool…). Next step is to complete Trac2Basie tool.
  • AlexLe : Finished working on Timezones (developpement and tests). Reviewed Selenium mail tests. Next step is to commit timezone.
  • Nikita Pchelin: Reviewed Trac2Basie tool, developped ticket tagging. Try to figure out what is the problem on 2 functions on Selenium Dashboard tests. Commited random data tool. Next step is to start this ticket: multiple AJAX requests in milestones.
  • Chad Cogar: Worked on attachments. Now associables with tickets and wikipages. Next step is to complete attachments and start working on support for mails.