Wow, has this semester ever gone by fast — I can’t believe that we only have six weeks left until the end of term! Working on Basie has been quite the learning experience. I had never worked on an open-source project before starting on this project, and I knew very little about Django. Over the past two months I’ve learned a tremendous amount about both. It’s been great getting to know the tools of the trade (ticketing systems, the reviewboard, etc) and working as part of a team.

Most of my efforts so far this semester have been dedicated to compatibility. When I arrived, Basie did not run on Windows and was completely incompatible with Internet Explorer, which accounts for at least a quarter of our target market. Today, Basie is fully compatible with IE7 and IE8, and I’ve been able to get it running natively on Windows. My current plans for the rest of the term are to revamp the calendar and (hopefully, if time permits) to streamline the Windows install process. I will also be reviewing the Trac import tool. As for how things have been going this semester, I’m torn. Due in part to major compatibility problems, i.e. getting Basie working with my native development environment, I don’t feel that I’ve had a chance to make a significant contribution to the project yet. I’ve spoken to Greg about this and have been reassigned to more pressing matters arising from Pycon. I hope that now I will be able to kick it into gear and start making more major contributions.

From here, I think it’s just heads-down-and-work until the end of term and graduation — I hope to see you all on the other side!