Working on Basie has been a blast! And the team, they’re really a first-class bunch. Well, to quote Greg, Basie has seen a “flurry of activity” in the recent weeks as we prepared to debut Basie 0.6. We have all done tremendous work fixing many outstanding bugs, discovering new issues and solutions, refactoring a bunch of code, and redesigning the interface.

These past few months I’ve worked mostly on fixing old issues and redesigning the Dashboard. Now that we’ve pushed Basie 0.6 out the door, I’ve begun working on a migration tool to import data from Trac. And I’d say I am very much on track. 🙂

I’m glad I discovered how amazingly useful a tool like ReviewBoard can be. And status reports and weekly IRC meetings have certainly been helpful to see where we all stand, where our priorities should be, etc.

Though we’re only halfway through the term, I’m excited to see all the new additions come together soon for our 0.7 release.