large_IY5Y_87744h204235Hi I am Ning Yang and will be working on WikiDev this semester.

I am forth year student in SFU and learning computing science. As you can see from my name, originally, I come from China and this’s still my second year in North America. I have a English name Alex but most of my friends here prefer to call me Ning as it’s very simple to pronounce and make me different from other people.

Just finish my 3 month internship in Microsoft as SEDT, and another one month vacation at home. The life in Microsoft is not easy and I am glad I learn a lot from the experience and people around me. The feature I contributed to is Trust Level setting in MSN. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy it very soon. And now I am involved in such a wonderful course, which includes a three day free trip to Toronto! I am looking forward to it now.