Diane Tam

Hi Everyone,

My name is Diane Tam and I’ll be working on the ElmCity project.  I graduated from the Computer Science program at UofT about 3 years ago but recently developed a great interest in pursuing graduate studies in Computer Science.  As a result, I decided to come back to take some courses, specifically research related ones, to narrow down my field of interest and better prepare myself for graduate studies.

Upon graduation, I have been working full time as an applications developer at Oracle Corporation Canada and have been working there since.  I work mainly with Java, C++, and SQL on their On Demand hosted application development team.  I have had many opportunities to work on projects with teams, but I’m especially looking forward to working on ElmCity because it touches on Artificial Intelligence, which is a field I’m really interested in studying, and I never had the opportunity before as a student to work with other students in a setting such as this and I’m really excited to have this chance now to do so.

I’m looking forward to all the learning experiences to gain from this project and meeting everyone soon!