my bro (on the left) and i (the other one)

my bro (on the left) and i (the other one)

I am a Computer Science senior at Michigan State University. I am excited to work with the Ingres team. I have had the chance to make use of open-source code and participate in the development conversations, but I am looking forward to actually contributing code.

Through various study abroad trips I discovered the field of geographic information science, or GIS. As I have taken coursework to earn a minor in this, I have learned that there are many technical problems that have parallels in computer science. I have a great interest in spatial problems ( not necessarily geographic ), which I think is because I am a very visual learner.

So this project really pulls at a lot of my interests and I am excited to get going!

P.S> I won’t make it to Toronto until Saturday, but I am looking forward to meeting you all then.

Check out my blog to see what I’m working on.