Hi All!

My name is Melanie Gaudet and I am going to work on MarkUs project this fall. 

I have started my journey with computers by a 3 years study in computer science(CEGEP). I have been hired in a great company, first as Progress database’s administrator, and then as programmer-analyst and finally as project leader. The programming language I have been using the most so far is Progress, but I have tried many others so even though I have never worked with Rubby, I know that I will learn.

After 8 years in full time software development, I have chosen to go back to school at the Laval University to study software engineering. For 4 years now, I have been sharing my time between University, work and family.

My native language is French, but I enjoy every opportunity I have to practice my English.

Hope we will have great time working on this project!