Greetings from Edmonton!

My name is Cory Matheson, and I will be working on the Eclipse4Edu project for the Winter 2010 term. A little about myself:

I’m currently in my 4th year as a Comp Sci student with the University of Alberta. I just finished an 8-month work-term with Research In Motion in Waterloo, Ontario; I worked with the BlackBerry Crypto / Security development team. I had a great time in Waterloo and did some really interesting work at RIM (and I can’t live without a BlackBerry now!). My interests lie in the art of software engineering, maintaining software quality, and of other miscellaneous areas including AI, Cryptography, Security, Networking, etc. etc. I would say I have experience with enough programming languages, and anything I don’t have, can be picked up in a day or 2 :).

I swear by Eclipse for Java programming, so I’m really excited to start contributing to the open source Eclipse4Edu project. It sounds like a great idea for helping new students learn programming.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Toronto for the code sprint!

Cory Matheson.