My name is Victoria Mui, and I’m a 4th year student currently completing my undergraduate specialist degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering) at the University of Toronto.  This coming spring/winter term, I’ll be working on the user interface design of the MarkUs online marking tool.

I’m primarily a Java programmer, and I’ve made contributions to the Cytoscape open source community through the Google Summer of Code 2008 program under the mentorship of Professor Greg Wilson.  But I also have experience working with other programming languages like Python and C.

In addition to software development,  I also have strong interests in user experience design (UX) and human-computer interaction (HCI).  This past summer, I helped Professor Khai Truong with his HCI research on Upcycling.  And as of May 2009, I’ve been working full-time as a User-Centered Design Specialist at the IBM Toronto Lab.

I hope everybody is enjoying their winter holiday!  Looking forward to meeting everybody in January! 😀