Members Present: Wayne, Maciej, Nil, Maxime

Minutes by: Maciej

– Discsussed difference between having a different perspective for each programming language and having everything in one tab.

-> Note: Scheme users will generally be more advanced than Java users (might already be familiar with perspectives)

-> Easier to have different perspectives.

– Considered Debuggers for Java and Scheme

-> Do we want a debugger intergrated into the Java perspective?

-> Need more research for a Scheme debugger

– Renaming the Java Lite perspective

-> We’re not ready for a big change like that yet.

-> This will take more discussion

-> Renaming the implementation details (ie. Class Names, Package Names) must be done carefully

-> The change won’t have to go through the Eclipse IP process if done by a commiter (Wayne/Dwight)

– Discussed developing an RCP applications vs using the org.eclipse.ide4edu.releng project

– Talked about Scrapbook pages in Eclipse vs. Beanshell

-> Maxime will observe first year students using each one

TODO: Capture some usage senarios of first years using IDE4EDU. (Wayne will send out an email with more detail.)