Eclipse4Edu has gone fairly well. I feel like I am pretty much on track. I’ve been trying to put in one day a week towards this project and I’ve pretty much managed to do that. I think my major goals for this semester are to get the new Java class wizards and classes in good shape and get a good handle on simplifying the menus and toolbars by the end of the semester. I think this seems reasonable based on my experience with the first half of the semester. The code base is large and the process of coding while trying to integrate into the current code base is time consuming.

I’ve been pretty happy with the way that I give justifications for the patches I’ve submitted but I wish I could get a bit more feedback on those patches and other ideas. This is one thing I could improve on is try to get feedback a bit more quickly from the mentors on patches I submit. They seem open to me emailing them and harassing them so I should do that.

Working on open source has been an eye opener and a great learning experience. I am not used to working on such an open ended project where we can drive a lot of the direction and can make so many choices about our approach to the work. Also I was a little surprised by is that even in large, well known pieces of software like Eclipse there can be some really ugly code (I’m looking at you JDT new class wizard). The feedback from the mentors and other students on coding choices and ideas has also been helpful.

Best of luck to all the other students.

Cheers, Miles