This term’s version of IDE4EDU is much the same as last terms. The output of our three students (Brenda, Cory and Miles) has been comparable to last term’s effort and Wayne and I are happy with their consistent progress. On the communication side, there has not been as much online traffic as last term, but that has not seemed to prevent the group from moving forward.

Like last term, the main issue IDE4EDU faces is the action of committing code. Since IDE4EDU is a “real” Eclipse project and must adhere to the Eclipse project rules, committer status is not given from the start to anyone wishing to work with the project. That right has to be earned and takes time, which is longer that one term. Therefore students submit patches through Bugizilla and must wait to have the patched added or rejected in or from the build. Wayne and I are working on being as reactive as we can to new patches, but we know the reviews can be slow. I think this is more of an artifact of working on a worldwide open source project that is part of a large foundation, rather than a closed project that will be put into the open source space.

Again like last term, those wanting to develop for Eclipse need to build up some inertia with the environment. Since there are so many things to know, Wayne and I rely on people asking for help with what they don’t know so we can direct them rather than sprinkling information everywhere. In hindsight, a more directed approach would have been useful and a longer training session at the orientation would have helped.

Our expectations are for the students to continue performing as they have in the past and keeping up active communication with all involved.