…but we did one anyway, since the code sprint marks the end of the startup phase of our projects.


  • the code sprint was held early in term
  • everyone got to the sprint, and got a much clearer idea of what their project is about
  • effective initial training (for some projects)
  • good collaboration
  • a chance to learn how to use version control and other professional tools for real
  • the talk about grad school was informative
  • good workspace for the sprint, and the network ran flawlessly
  • enjoyed pub night(s) 🙂


  • ragged start: wasn’t added to mailing list, didn’t know project objectives, didn’t have access to version control repository/tickets, etc.
  • installing and configuring software to get started on project was difficult
  • first meeting with teammates didn’t happen soon enough
  • not enough variety in projects (7/8 are effectively web development)
  • not clear what recruiting criteria were
  • overindulgence at pub night(s)

The next step (other than filing expense claims) is due at the end of October, when teams and individuals have to tell us how they want their work evaluated in December. As we said in the post mortem meeting, it wouldn’t have been fair to specify that at the start of the term: neither the students nor the project leads knew then what was possible. Four weeks from now, though, everyone should have a clear idea of what their targets are, and how to tell if those targets have been met. We have a lot of work in front of us, but it’s going to be a lot of fun too…