As the first day draws to a close, the elmcity crew is putting the finishing touches on our project skeleton.  A very productive day has been had by all, most of us were a little unsure about how to even begin when the day started, but by now everyone has assigned themselves a part of the project.  We’re essentially re-creating the backend of the defunct FuseCal, hoping to have a solid (if limited) version of it operating by the end of the code sprint weekend.

We have scrapers for MySpace and Library calendars, hooking into a plugin architecture for the rest of the backend.  As for very brief overviews of what we’ve all been doing (I know I certainly don’t have everything that we’ve all done written down here, so don’t get mad at me if I missed something ;)): Diane and I have mostly been working on taking in an URL, recognizing what plugin needs to be called, passing the proper information to the plugin, retrieving the information, and passing it on to the next portion of the backend.  One of the biggest issues we’ve run into has been how to properly parse an URL to get just the base domain name–ends up being not quite as simple as we’d thought!  Finally have a decent solution though, lots of special cases to take care of.  Nikita and Meghan have been working on the Library scraper plugin, Jory has the MySpace plugin complete, and Sarah has been working with the design/creation of helper classes for the API and has written us up some information for the usage of Mercurial for version control (what Google Code uses).

The MSU crew (minus Evan) drove up here, arriving at the hotel around 10 last night.  5 hour drive, but went well & seemed surprisingly fast.  Definitely am looking forward to going out and seeing whatever small part(s) of Toronto I can, seems like a great city!  Looking forward to the next couple days of coding, and getting as far as we can on this project