Following our wonderful progress during the code-sprint, the results of which can be seen here, we’ve tried to regroup and set forth a list of goals we can achieve by the end of the semester.

For our FuseCal replacement, we hope to make it a really robust service with even more bells and whistles than FuseCal had. Here is the list of goals we came up with on Sunday, and the discussion on who wants to tackle which parts.

Sarah had a really interesting idea about an academic push for the project. By building a nice plugin infrastructure, we hope to be able to field out the work of writing plugins for individual sites to first and second year computer science students. Read more about that initiative over here.

In addition, we may also tackle a more general approach to scraping sites, regardless of their origin. The first step there is cataloguing the sites FuseCal could successfully handle, and then to pull patterns out from the list.

We also want to work on being able to display calendar feeds on blogs and sites using output plugins, rather than just exporting (html ics xml json etc).

Once we’ve settled on sub-teams and meeting times, you can expect to hear a lot more from us. Meanwhile, if you want to get up to the second coverage, feel free to drop by the FriendFeed room. The discussion there is open to all.