– The project I was working on got canned, so I’m trying to get reacquainted with the core codebase

– Also trying to understand the intended goals and power structure of this project better so I don’t waste more work. This entails some discussion, new use of the bug tracking system for laying out goals, and group formulation of user stories (to be finished at this Friday’s meeting)


– Midterms

– If we write user stories as a group on Friday without Jon, how do we make sure he clears each one, and what do we do if he rejects many of them? I’m concerned this could make Friday’s meeting less useful than it otherwise would be. Alternatives: Solicit a comprehensive description of what Jon thinks are acceptable high-level goals before Friday and refine at the meeting, adding no additional ideas so we don’t stray from spec, or, better, have Jon come to the meeting if possible.

Next Steps:

– Write documentation

– Write tests, and add any bugs I discover to bug tracker

– Choose all future tasks from the bug tracker for better directed work

– Turn agreed-upon and authorised user stories into a series of milestones specified in the bug tracker, choose one as a milestone for one or two weeks from now

– Use user stories generated plus group discussion to formulate marking scheme



– (different types of feeds showing up!)

– removed all relative links in the code, which now allows us to check out code and develop locally much easialy

– added filtering ability to the service (url=…&filter=Montreal)

– rewrote librarything plugin to use RSS instead of HTML when parsing events

– myspace (fixed issue #36, choking on certain pages with missing location information)

– tests: wrote tests and docuemnted myspace, librarything,, added (that creates a test suite from available test modules and runs them all)

– wrote initial batch module (

– started two wiki pages ( one for “how to write a plugin”, the other one describing the general look of the system.

– other little things


– none

Next Steps:

– looking and coming up with the solution for the timezone problem (as per and

AM/PM problem (as per

–, icwWriter – documentation, unit tests


– move code into a separate file, and make call it from there (this is to enforce independence from django)

– extending web-interface

– more things if time permits!

more to come