+documenting and testing, (this leaves us with no “big” modules untested, and can

be done quickly later on).

  • timezone had to be revisited and changed a bit (timezone_source, timezone_dest), and together with other little things

we officially announced the new features to the community


– I’ve been sick for the past couple of days, so things are moving a bit slower for me than usual.

It’s not a real roadblock, just letting everyone know why I was semi-silent since Friday.

– we need to adopt development / stable scheme on the web server, Jory what’s the status on that one?

– tests are not working for one of the plugins and for the integration testing, Meghan, Jack what’s the status

on those ones? It’s not a major roadblock per se (the problems are with the test code itself, not with the

project’s code), but it’d be nice if they worked.

Next Steps:

I want to concentrate on the patterns and generalized plugin from now on, spending much less time

on the service as a whole, after all we have a stable version in the repos right now and the next

big step is the generalized plugin.



– Refined a generic plugin that can parse some pages successfully.  Latest plugins have been delivered to google code repository.

– Continually working towards generalizing the scraper to scrape multiple sites.

– Documenting patterns through blog and tester.  Latest post in regards to plugin and patterns can be found here:


– Work, classes.

Next Steps:

– Continue to scrape and document patterns found from event sites.

– Establish a more complete analysis of the patterns found from the fuse-cal parsed pages as well as the sample pages curators have pointed to.

– Divide the list according to the patterns found and manage the lists (ie. through Delicious tags).

– Populate that dictionary for all our targets plus the ones the curators have added to our list.

– Build a tester that will accept the various patterns and extract appropriate information from them