First off, I just want to say it has been a pleasure working with everyone.  I certainly learned a lot this term with respect to the project as well as working in a team environment.  A few final blogs with respect to the generic plugin parser for the elmcity project are listed below and the latest versions of the code can be found in the code repository here:

I hope this is good start to recreating FuseCal!

The generic plugin can successfully parse the curator sites listed here: as well as a few of the sites from the previously parsed FuseCal pages listed here:

Generic Plugin API

The generic plugin implementation api can be found here:

**Class File: _src/plugins/patterns/


** _Test File: _tests/**



Generic Plugin Design and Patterns

The generic plugin design and patterns are detailed here:

** __**

** __**Elmcity Design Wrapup and Next Steps

** __**

A general overview of the system and the next steps to be taken can be found here:

If there are any questions in regards to the project or generic plugin details, feel free to let me know.  Even though the course is over, I would still like to stay involved with the project and see where the project goes through friendfeed and even help take the project further if possible 🙂  I’m constantly looking for projects to expand my experience and interests further so if there are any opportunities for that I’d be more than willing to jump on board.

I can be contacted at

Thanks everyone!