I’d like to thank Greg, all the mentors/organisers and the nice people from IBM (especially Matthew) for everything they have done for us. They have obviously put lots of effort and their spare time into this and I think we should all give them a big round of aplause.

So.. the code sprint is now officially over.. and here is what I think..

What I liked:

  • Having the chance to meet everyone before we actually start coding turns out to be extremely valuable. It turns out to be a non-trivial task to setup a communication channel that works for everyone in a team consisting of Windows, Linux and Mac users. (We ultimately decided to go for Skype for basic IM/conferencing and DimDim for more sophesicated meetings that involves screen sharing)
  • Matthew and some of this colleagues from IBM started the TE (the basic component of our fligt simulator) as a side project at IBM, so there are practically no documentation available. Therefore meeting with him in person is the single best way to learn about this framework that he built.
  • Toronto is a really cool city (in both senses)
  • Of course, the beds at holiday inn is very nice.

Not so much:

  • John already brought this up in the debreifing meeting – because we were away for the first day, we kinda felt “seperated” with everyone else
  • It is not very clear what this project is about from the description posted online, so the project turned out to be quite different than what everyone have in mind
  • Due to the “hobby” nature of this project, the pieces that we have to build on were not very well tested, and we bumped into a lot of technical difficulties as we were trying to set it up on our own machines. We still do not have a fully working base system by the end of the code sprint, so the development work could be quite challenging

That being said, the sprint was still an awesome experience – we get to meet lots of new people.. had lots of free food.. plus we get a free trip to Toronto! That alone has made taking the course worth while. We have a great team @ flight sim, so I’m sure we’ll deliever some really cool stuff by the end of the semester!

Keep it up guys!