In the flight sim team we relied on skype for all non-verbal communication. It so happened that there is a global skype outage last Thursday right which happed to collide with our weekly team meeting’s time. (Good thing that we are using IBM’s conferce call infrastructure for our meeting.) Twitter again proved to be the best way to look for outage information like these – a quick search for the #Skype hash tag quickly revealed to me that a lot of people are having the same problem, and eventually leads me to the official @Skype Twitter account. Although they didn’t provide any solution but at least you know they’re working on it. So… if anything happens next time, give Twitter a try.

In unrelated news, I had an internship phone interview with Amazon today. While I can’t tell you the exact questions that I was asked, I can tell you that they love trees. It really pays to know you data structures well! (I wish I know it better before I picked up the phone…) So… if you’re having an internship interview anytime soon, go pick up your DS textbook and make sure you know it inside out!