Feb 02, 2010 1pm EST


Sylvain, Michael, Godfrey, Lenny, Matthew

Absence: Jean, Diane**

General Update

  • Please set your ticket status to ‘pending’ for the tickets you are working on, so other people will know where you are at
  • Please vote the video scenario once they’re ready, Ticket 2933853
  • Conference information

Conference ID: 4450146

Local Dial-in number: 416-343-2610

Toll-free Dial-in number: 1 866-251-2605

International Toll-free Dial-in number: 800-4444-9000

What we did


  • Server to be delivered, Ticket 2935130


Worked on

  • closed ticket 2935222 – not need to write workload scenario
  • closed Ticket  2935223, video uploaded to sourceforge


  • Deliver a powerpoint slide show by Thursday of the memory problem, Ticket 2944773
  • Meet Godfrey on campus to talk about the presentation


Work on

  • Worked on recursive queries , Ticket 2939775 closed


  • Working on his Scenario, Ticket 2939779
  • WMD to be fixed
  • Meet Michael on campus to talk about the presentation


Worked on

  • Worked with Diane to setup her machine
  • Tickets created for current deliverable
  • have the data required to trigger an IO saturation of the system and got some queries to provoke it


  • Update wiki page about date.timezone bug in PHP
  • create a complete workload profile to use in the screencast
  • work with Sylvain tonight
  • video is expected to be ready by Thursday
  • please close/report/update your status for Ticket 2941747, 2941750 and 2941755,


Worked on:

  • know how to recreate the too many users problem, Ticket 2938813
  • know how to identify the too many users problem, Ticket 2938815


  • work with Jean tonight, video is expected to be ready by Thursday, Ticket 2938815 and 2938819


Worked on:

  • Draft JavaScript ready. Ticket 2933860


  • Please update Ticket  2933858
  • Integrate the indicator to TE.


Worked on:

  • Met with Danie on indicator


  • Meeting with Diane tomorrow


  • TE does not return sql error in WMD, Matthew is working on that, and the actual scenario will not have that information either.

Next Deliverable:

Feb 4 – Present the deliverable (Two powerpoint presentations)

Feb 18 – Video of scenario from start to finish with graphical indicators