Mar 4th, 2010 1pm EST


Michael, Lenny, Matthew, Sylvain, Godfrey


Diane, Jean

General Update

  • The end of the term is April 15th
  • We will need to check the status of WMD setup on the server
  • Tuesday: Skype only
  • Thursday: by phone:
  • Conference ID: 4450146

    Local Dial-in number: 416-343-2610

    Toll-free Dial-in number: 1 866-251-2605

Goals for Sprint 3:

The general goal is to create a tutorial, like many others on TE, with our graphical indicator.

The tutorial will have an entry to open up a page with dials just for that tutorial (in the same page of the tutorial).

Individual tasks:


  • Peter is happy with the videos
  • Prototype done for Lenny’s work, due by the end of day today

Diane & Lenny:

  • Diane Will work with Alan to set up the latest version of WMD on the server

Note: there are some changes in xml format on the WMD, when a person tests his code on the server, he should make the change accordingly, it is up to you if you want to install the latest WMD or not(you may have to spend another 3 days on that, take the risk if you want)

  • Working on the bar, talking to Matthew on his problem, going to upload the code by the end of day today

Godfrey & Michael:

  • Michael is merging everyone’s code in the repository and create a release. Expected to be ready by the end of day today
  • Will work together on Friday

Jean & Sylvain:

  • Continue to polish the scenario


  • Please use the category S3 in your tickets

Important upcoming deadlines:

Mar. 13rd 2010 – Videos of scenario tutorials

•                      Build panels to make it easier to diagnose problems:

Mar. 23rd 2010 – Draft available for feed back

•                      Build a method to allow someone to test a person

Mar. 21st 2010 – Draft available for feed back