Mar 9th, 2010 1pm EST


Michael, Lenny, Matthew, Sylvain, Godfrey, Jean, Diane


General Update

Conference information

  • Tuesday: Skype only
  • Thursday: by phone:
  • Conference ID: 4450146

    Local Dial-in number: 416-343-2610

    Toll-free Dial-in number: 1 866-251-2605

Goals for Sprint 3:

The general goal is to create a tutorial, like many others on TE, with our graphical indicator.** __**

The tutorial will have an entry to open up a page with dials just for that tutorial (in the same page of the tutorial).

Individual tasks:


  • · Clarification of next deliverables **

Diane & Lenny:

-WMD setup will be done by the end of day today

– Fixed a few bugs here and there

Godfrey & Michael:

Jean & Sylvain:

  • Investigated more into the IO problem
  • Will work together tonight to get the tutorials ready


  • Please use the category S3 in your tickets!

Important upcoming deadlines:

Mar. 11rd 2010 – Videos of scenario tutorials

• Build panels to make it easier to diagnose problems:

◦ Mar. 18th 2010 – Draft available for feed back

◦ Mar. 25th 2010 – Updated videos of scenario tutorials

• Build a method to allow someone to test a person

◦ Mar. 18th 2010 – Draft available for feed back

◦ Mar. 31st 2010 – Walk through video

• Build lesson plan and document how to add new scenarios

◦ Mar. 18th 2010 – Outline

◦ Mar. 25th 2010 – Rough draft

◦ Mar. 31st 2010 – Final