The progress of the term is going well since the deliverables are completed on time and the IBM folks are satisfied with them. The most important feeling in this project is that, although we are physically in three different cities, two different time zones, we are able to keep up the communication and plans. Each of us are assigned with a task, complete it on time, and merge all of our work into one deliverable, and this cycle goes on, even though all of us are busy with other things at the same time. Most of all, I’d like to thank the IBM folks for frequently asking us whether we need any help and for always being there when we do, also many thanks to Greg and Alan for getting the local machines and setting up the server for us.

As for the things that we could do better, I think we need to plan a little better and go through any administrative/prerequisite issues as early as possible to avoid unexpected situations. At the beginning of our project, we had spent too much time merely on the setup, which I think we could’ve done before we met the first time. Also we expected to have our second phase deliverable completed on our server machine, however we were not able to even though we have tried our best. As for myself,  I should break my goals into smaller parts so that I could keep track of what I am doing more easily.

To summarize, I think that we are on track, ready to achieve more goals, and able to deliver something nice at the end.