This is my midterm update of the Flight Simulator project

As the team lead on the student side for the first time in my life, I can feel the responsibility and challenge from my role all the time. I am basically using agile methodology I experienced in my previous coop work team and it turned out that everything worked out quite well. Tickets are opened and closed on time, and deliverables are officially accepted by IBM on the delivering date, so we can tell that the team is well on-track.

I learned and practiced a lot of project management skills in this project. Leading the scrum meeting which happens twice every week and sending out minutes is my common practice. I pressed hard to the team to use the tracking system so progress is always visible. I often ask the team for general feelings about making to the deadlines, and if we think we will miss it (by looking at our ticket closing rate for the current Sprint), we always try to notice IBM as early as possible. I figured out a work distribution plan to allow minimum coupling so even if we are working with 3 locations and time zones, each sub-team (location) can work independently most of the time.

As other members have mentioned in their updates, we got a lot of help from IBM and it helped enormously. The project plan IBM created for us at the initial code Sprint helped a lot in guiding us with the planning of each sprint. I also sought some advice from Frank Vandenberg, my Software Engineering course instructor at SFU.

We could have done a betting job in setting up the development environment during the Toronto code sprint, although we tried our best, it still took two weeks for the team to finish the setup. And the project could have been better if the setup speed of a server were faster.