Sometimes it is hard to recognize when a problem can be best solved by starting over. Over the past few days I have been making a lot of configurations on Windows using something called ‘Windows Configuration-By-Forms’. You can start it by going to the command prompt(typing “cmd” in Start->Run) and typing the command “cbf”.

Well, after all was said and done I wasn’t able to load php pages consistently. I previously was able to connect to an Ingres database, but not return any successful queries. Looks like I set something incorrectly.

However, since my role in this is to perform testing and documentation this will offer me the chance to document each step as I start over with my PHP install.


I have heard that is not advised to use PHP 5.3 with Drupal, but I figure I will stick with what I had for tonight at least and see if I can get back to where I was.


Apache v2.2 (running under user, NOT as service)

PHP 5.3

IngresII 9.3