As the end of the semester closes in on us students, we will be piecing together or documentation from tweets, blogs, and the like. My project has allowed for many opportunities to actually edit the wiki pages on the Ingres site. While this is probably the most direct way to contribute to the community I have been working with, it ignores a subtle strength we have as new-comers to the projects we are working on: inexperience.

Since I was new to the Ingres community, I hadn’t become used to traversing the wiki pages and other sets of documents that more experienced developers probably had. This meant I was sometimes confused, and ran into conflicting pieces of information. By keeping a separate set of documentation that I can organize in a way that makes most sense to me, I can help to direct where the existing wikis should go. It could also be used as a great tool for introducing students to the same community if the company stays on board for future semesters of UCOSP.