The first half of the semester has flown by quickly. Like last semester, I’m really enjoying being a part of the MarkUs team! It was nice to already have my development environment from last semester all set and ready to go for this semester. Since I didn’t have to spend any time on setup, I was able to jump back into the code right away. I’ve found that things make a lot more sense to me now than they did around the same time last semester. I think this is because I’m now much more familiar with the concept of model-view-controller, Ruby on Rails, the MarkUs code base, etc. I learned a lot last semester and I’m continuing to learn a lot this semester. I’d definitely recommend working on the same project for two semesters to other people because in a course like this, the learning curve can be pretty steep, depending on your background.

This semester, I’ve been continuing to work on the new grade entry feature for MarkUs. I’m really happy with my progress and with the way it’s turning out so far! While working on this feature, I’ve gotten to learn a lot about performance optimization. I recently learned some neat tricks to prevent users from feeling the pain of a large number of database creations. I’ve also been learning quite a bit about the importance of testing. Our team has been doing a great job of making sure everyone adds appropriate unit tests and functional tests for their own code. One of the great things about UCOSP is that we get to learn things that we might not have otherwise come across in our other courses.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester!