The time is running so fast that it is already the middle of the term.  It has been a quite exciting time for me since I joined UCOSP, joined my team – MarkUs. After 2 months work with our team, I feel more confident in working for MarkUs.

What I have learned

For the technique aspect, I am more familiar with Rails development. I have learned setting up the workspace for Rails, basic Ruby syntax and basic way of Rails development. I have better understanding of MVC framework after diving into our project. I have to say it accelerates my learning speed of Rails a lot with such a well organized application on hand. When I look into the codes, I found it really easy to read and understand. Even if sometimes I got confused, I can ask our team members and get immediate response. After the first half semester, I got better understanding of our project and I learned a method to “find a way to go” for a problem.

For the team work aspect, I feel really comfortable working in our team. Communication is emphasized a lot in our team. As we have a pretty big team with team members located in different cities even in different country such as France, we are using several ways such as irc weekly meeting to keep in touch with each other. I like the weekly meeting which provides chance to present our progress and ask questions. I also find it benefits me a lot to communicate with our team on review board. Our team’s members usually give immediate feedback for the uploaded codes and those suggestions are really helpful. It is also very exciting to see your team members give a “ship it” after your revise your codes several times. I feel encouragement from my team consistently and it provides me more enthusiasm to work on our project.

What I have done

Up to now, I feel that I am on track with my assignment for Markus. For the first few weeks, I spent most of my time to solve some easy tickets on the list. It was also a good practice of learning Rails. After finishing several tickets I started to work on the main task of the semester – flexible scheme at week 6.  In the following 2 weeks I spent my time reading the task proposal and exploring the existing project. I produced a prototype with most of the basic functionalities last week. If everything goes well, the flexible scheme shall be finished within 2 weeks.

Next step

For the next half of the semester, I will firstly make the flexible scheme be ready to ship as soon as possible and I will keep fixing bugs on the ticket list. I think for the first half of the semester, I didn’t review other members’ code enough. So I will also spend more time reviewing codes on review board. I am also willing to get other “big” task to do if I have time. I think my overall performance is “ok” .However that’s because I spent a lot of time in searching and exploring to understand the problem which might not be very efficient. I will focus on increasing my efficiency for the rest of the semester.

Thanks to UCOSP to give me such an opportunity to work on such an exciting project. I am sure I will carry more enthusiasm and do better performance for the next half of the semester!