The coding sprint is winding down here in Toronto, but the Mercurial UCOSP project is just getting into the groove. As people are making their way home – across the street or across the country – I want to take a few minutes to expand on Alex’s post and summarize this weekend.

Working on a mature project like Mercurial has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, we have a real successful project to learn from, but at the same time, it is hard to find work that is both accessible to a newbie and has real impact on the project. With that in mind, I think we’ve all made great progress this weekend.

I can’t comment on everyone’s work individually because I have not tried out all the changes, but a quick look through Kiln (our source control system) shows that everyone has spent some time today on code cleanup and formatting. There are many references to PEP-08, the Python coding conventions. This is great news because it means people are close to getting their code ready for wider-scale review. It also means that we all have lots of code-review work coming up.

An important part of this code sprint was learning to work together and establishing the conventions for communication. This includes learning to use FogBugz, our bug tracker and wiki, Kiln, the source control and code review system, and setting up weekly meetings. Our supervisors have been emphasizing the need for more communications every day, and these are the tools will will be using.

FogBugz and Kiln (user: Guest, password: anonymous):

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Weekly meetings: IRC-style; details and archive will be available

General Mercurial resources:

General UCOSP resources:

Alex wrote a great summary for Friday and Saturday at