Our team had our first remote meeting today (Thursday). We covered progress made this week, discussed obsticles, and plans for the near future. A quick summary follows. You can find the whole transcript at: https://ucosp.fogbugz.com/default.asp?W10


  • paulitex: a couple of new features/extensions for config-editor extension. Only a couple more TODOs left. Looking for code reviews.
  • alexandru: worked on caseguard extension to support ‘hg rm’. Still needs to address code review feedback.
  • antmar: not much new work on cache-annotations, but did go and reviewed paulitex’s config-editor work. Need to add support for case-neutral names in the annotations cache.
  • Tessa: solicited feedback about using shell-globs (wildcards) to exclude files during conversion. We came to a consensus, and Tessa is in the process of testing the changes.
  • wendyY: writing tests for tagmerge this week following a small skirmish with some biological viruses (a cold).

Looking forward:

  • bmp: once we are ready to submit to mercurial-developers list, we need to learn how to package up our patches. When our current tasks have been completed and submitted, start attacking the bfiles extension.
    • For reference: bfiles is an extension to improve the way Mercurial handles large binary files in its repositories.
  • paulitex, alexandru: will attempt pair-programming on bfile issues
  • antmar, Tessa, wendyY: take ownership of one issue each, but work together as much as possible on all the issues.
    • We’ll report on how this works out.

We’ll be having weekly meetings – same time, same place, similar agenda: