All of us on the Mercurial team have submitted extensions and patches to the devel mailing list this week:

The feedback’s been great so far, as have the bug reports (which means at least a few people tried out what we made). We’re planning on moving on to new things in the coming weeks, though of course we’ll have to maintain our extensions from now until forever. It was a good week in the Mercurial camp.


During our regularly scheduled weekly meeting, we decided to engage with the Mercurial community at large, so we moved from our regular place on #ucosp-mercurial to the main Mercurial IRC channel, #mercurial (both on Freenode, details on our Communications page). The discussion revolved mostly around bfiles, an extension all of us are working on currently. Bfiles allows Mercurial users to store their large binary files in remote locations, and as we’re improving the existing code-base, certain decisions need to be made before development can move forward. The complete IRC log for the meeting is available as usual, and a more detailed breakdown of what everyone’s working on can be found on our weekly journal page.