We continued our work on bfiles and improving our patches this week.


  • cedit (paulitex):
    • Submit unit test and rege fix for iniparse
    • Documentation for credit
  • tagmerge(Wendy):
    • Use tag.py functions to read tags
    • Changed the merge algorithm
    • Debugging writing tags problem
  • convert (Tessa):
    • Tested standard mercurial matcher
    • Refactored filemapper to use the mercurial match
  • caseguard (alexandru):
    • Removed the protection for `hg rm’
    • Code clean-up/polish


  • auto-status(antmar): implemented and submitted the initial version (wraps “hg status” command)
  • auto-put(Tessa): read through more code about it and revisited the proposal
  • auto-refresh & auto-update (Wendy): created detailed proposal on the mailing list and discussed about the proposal
  • bfiles HTTP upload(alexandru): started investigate this issue

We further discussed the problems we met this week and plan to finish the patches and submit a working code draft for bfiles command integration.

Details are in IRC meeting and status report .