Today marks the last day of classes at the University of Waterloo, and so ends the official portion of the UCOSP project for Tessa, Wendy, and myself. During our last meeting on April 1st, we tied some loose ends on our patches and discussed our experiences in the project. I will save the details for the final reports, but we all agreed that we’d like to continue contributing to Mercurial as time permits.

Paul and Alex have a little more time before official end of classes at UBC, and we’ll probably be hearing from them after the meeting this week.

Status updates:

  • Bfiles auto-* integration
    • auto-status and auto-update have been accepted into bfiles
    • auto-put and auto-refresh are almost there
  • Wendy and Tessa continued to improve on their warm-up projects:
  • Paul has a working version of bfilesify which converts existing mercurial repositories to use bfiles. We are playing around with it to provide feedback.
  • Alex has been working on his ever-popular case guard extension.
  • I have started work on implementing my extended status proposal which aims to create closer integration between bfiles, subrepos, and core Mercurial code.

As always, you can find detailed status reports on our Wiki at