One of the major long term goals for the Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 has been to provide an environment similar to a flight simulator for Database Administrators. Pilots used to learn to deal with potentially dangerous and stressful situations in a real plane. This was risky and expensive. Pilots today learn to deal with system failures and extreme conditions on flight simulators. DBAs still develop their experience on live multi-million dollar production systems. They could develop skills and confidence faster and more safely on a simulator.

Over the past few years the Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 team has built all the base components to create this simulator as part of our open source project. The next step is to pull the pieces together into a viable simulation. The team will use the existing open source building blocks to simulate a stable production system and then disrupt it with a number of planned or unplanned problems. The system will then walk the DBA through problem recognition and resolution.

This project would:

  • Extend the existing framework to simulate database management problems
    • Simulate DB2 in production
    • Create a disruption of the system, for example a hard drive failure, lock contention, or excessive workload
    • Guide a DBA to identification and resolution of the disruption
  • Develop at least one example of a problem simulation

Students should be comfortable working in PHP, JavaScript, JAVA, HTML and XML. They should also be familiar with databases concepts. Administration experience and knowledge of IBM DB2 or an aptitude for visual interface development would be an asset.

Mentor: Peter Kohlmann (IBM Canada)