-has been trying to improve passing by having the kicker shout out where the ball is going, but the other players don’t always hear it

-will try other ways to improve passing


-implemented ball and player decay

-found out that the code for updating object positions was never being called and fixed that

-is working on vision optimization

-improved the debug viewer a bit more

-may also experiment with changing minimum-confidence values


-found a passing bug, and is looking into interception problems

-was trying to get the new human controller to work, no luck

-is working on ball interception


-was working on merging all the branch stuff into trunk

-hardware issues corrupted all his work, so he has to redo it


-found a problem with vision – only the first two flags are being used to determine position

-was going to fix it but ended up in hospital instead

-wrote a small gui for starting teams and server

-started modifying the on_see function

-rewrote sexpparser and made it faster