Positive: Finally, I can experience working on a real, fully distributed team. Also, I learn a lot of technical stuff from this course. From programming in python to machine learning algorithms. I am also grateful to learn from my colleagues as this is more practical than learning from textbooks.

Negative: I couldn’t contribute to the team as much as I want to. There are various reasons for this but most notably is due to the complexity and difficulty of the project. As time goes by, I discover more stuff that can’t be done than stuff that can be done. There is certainly a way to fix it but given the fact that we are expected to work ~10 hours per week, we would end up fixing stuff rather than achieving our goals. Thus, sometimes hacking is the most appropriate (but not the best) way to do it. If I would do it again in the future, it would be very nice to have someone that is knowledgeable to tell us what could possibly be done by 50 hours of work per week over four months. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find such person in any project.