The first day of this term’s code sprint has come and gone. Donuts and pizza were eaten, coffee was drunk, people who’d only met virtually introduced themselves in person, and a whole lotta software was installed, explained, and fixed. (“You want it to run on a Mac? I don’t think it does that…”) Blake Winton (Thunderbird), Andrew Ross (Ingres), Karen Reid (University of Toronto), and Steven Case (Minnesota State University) spent most or all of the day with us, and we had a few other visitors as well:

  • Andrew Overhold and Deepak Bhole (Red Hat) and Ben Newton (First Media Group) came down to introduce themselves. Without sponsorship from their companies and others, the event wouldn’t have been possible; we’re very grateful for their support.
  • Dave Bolter, an accessibility expert at Mozilla, came in to talk and give demos.
  • Adam Goucher, our tame testing guru, showed off Selenium and talked about SLIME.
  • Peter Kohlmann, Matthew Vandenbuss, and the rest of the IBM team hosted the Data Centre Flight Simulator students up at their lab. We got ’em all back at the end of the day, though, so that’s OK 🙂

Thanks as well to the staff at Bright Pearl, who fed us all dinner (in Mike’s case, twice). Thanks also to Carolyn Ursabia for handling arrangements, and to Alan Rosenthal, our indefatigable sys admin, for making everything run so smoothly. Our second day starts in two and a half hours; I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone accomplishes.