As the dust settles from this years Spring Code Sprint, I am left with some interesting reflections. One, coding for 9 hours straight sure gets hard without proper caffeine intake, maybe an IV drip will be a good investment for the next one. Two, ordering lots of food when someone else is paying is lots of fun, even if you end up walking (waddling?) out with some of it in a bag. Three, you can never have a shortage of computer related jokes or quips with rooms full of CSC majors.

The only sad part of my Sprint experience was that my group was unable to make it up to Toronto. Luckily for us Al Gore was able to invent the internet, so no matter how far apart people are we can get stuff going. With Titus, our fearless leader, at the helm we quickly got the ball rolling.

  • We where able to get the remote group members setup and running pony-build.
  • We cleaned up and implemented the virtualenv support for build recipes.
  • We began work on some other improvements and bug fixes.

My work at the Code sprint was on getting virtualenv support working properly and working on this issue. All and all it was a fairly successful two days. Since pony-build is in such an early alpha state, our team will pretty much be able to mold it however we want. I am looking forward to working on this project throughout the semester and seeing where we can take it.