For many of the same reasons raised below, I haven’t been as productive as I had expected; in particular, this has largely resulted from the intersection between front-heavy term workloads and the various bureaucratic demands of graduation/full-time employment.

That said, I finally posted my vCard import patch for review this past week, along with some modifications as suggested by Standard8. This patch involves roughly 800 lines of code in the middle of the complex multi-threaded wonder that is Address Book; it even comes complete with xpcshell-based tests (which pass!) and should hopefully be ready for commit some time within the next two weeks or so.

I’m setting these goals for the next 5-6 weeks:

  • implement vCard export;
  • submit patches for review on at least four separate Address Book bugs (including vCard import/export);
  • commit at least one patch;
  • be available at least 10 hours a week on #maildev and #education;
  • catch up on my weekly status updates.

The first goal is a natural continuation of vCard import; with import/export functionality, I imagine most users will find their vCard-related needs met. The next two goals are meant as a very rough quantity requirement – although quantity and quality do not necessarily correlate, I’d like to have enough of the former to justify four months of part-time development. The final two goals are aimed at personal development; I could definitely benefit from further improvement in communication/collaboration.