Some quick updates from the Thunderbird team for weeks starting February 22nd and March 1st. (This is a point-form summary; see for each week’s full report.)

Tim (Bug: Windows 7 overlay icons –

  • Wrote a short guide on Mozilla’s patch development process
  • Corrected a few issues related to incorrect usage of data types in his XPCOM component
  • Submitted a patch
  • Investigated test frameworks appropriate for testing his Windows 7 overlay icons implementation – this is tricky because Mozilla has A LOT of test frameworks. It turns out that Tim needed to do mochitests and although these are tests for Thunderbird, they have to be run from Firefox.
  • Plans to submit test cases this week (week of March 8th)

Kefu Zhao (Bug: automatically determine “From” address for “reply to list” –

  • Working on retrieving the raw headers of an e-mail (still in-progress)

Wei Xian Woo (Bug: improved session storage and restoration in Thunderbird –

  • Received feedback about my first patch from Blake and made the suggested changes
  • Improved some test cases and added a new one
  • Made additional changes to the session store manager to make intentions more clear
  • Submitted revised first patch for review
  • Brainstormed ideas for implementing support for persisting session state for other window types (right now, we only persist session state for the main Thunderbird windows aka the 3-pane windows).

Everyone else