Khushboo has been wrestling with git and getting her branch(s) to push properly.  Some very informative posts can be found on her blog. She also continues creating build scripts for other python packages.


Fatima has been working on getting branch support in for Mecurial checkouts in pony-build, to go along with the new changes, she has also been working on tests. You can read up on all her research into the subject as well as her progress over at her blog.


Jack has been continuing his work on his pony-client changes. During his work on this he stumbled onto another bug with forcing builds that he is looking in to also.


Max has implemented a fix for defaulting to an in-memory db for the server. He has also been working on some failure conditions within build steps under a certain context. He,however, has taken a break from the perils of subprocess timeouts until he can secure a windows machine for proper testing. You can mozy on over to his blog for more info.



Edit: When is pony-build going to get some love and have our own Category?