I’ve gone through the motions here and here, but that only gets you so far; comm-central is massive, so some additional tools are in order. Here’s what I’m using so far:

  • the MXR search tool (comm-central here) to perform rgrep-style queries on the codebase. (A REST API here would be useful, I suspect…)
  • exuberant-ctags in vim, following setup 3 as described here. (Building the tag files takes roughly 15 minutes on my laptop.)
  • a pair of bash aliases to switch between debug and release .mozconfigs.
  • this list, which provides a rough mapping between hg and git commands.

Hopefully this will save someone time 🙂

In the spirit of reciprocity: anyone else have suggestions for links, tools, etc. that could speed up the learning/working process? (Although I’ve placed this under the Thunderbird category, general feedback is more than welcome!)