I guess since everyone else started with the goods and finished with the bads. I’ll go in reverse, leave a better taste in your mouth.

I definitely disliked the fact that I was the only one not in the Eastern time zone, it made it hard for us to get together(virtually). I also found it difficult to chat with the team. By the time I was finished my classes, it was already way late in the Eastern area. I didn’t like that! Also, I found that we were a tad bit disorganized. Our meetings were sporadic and I felt there wasn’t a common goal. We weren’t working as a team. However near the end we pulled together and did some really great work.

Now for the finish. I really liked this course. It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had throughout my educational career (the trip to Toronto was a plus too). I think that the ability to say that I worked on a virtual team on the Eclipse project is something that not many students can say. I recently had an interview and my interviewer had heard of the program, I think that might be one of the reasons I got the job.  A course like this is perfect for people who want to go into the software development industry. It having no class time was like a breath of fresh air, but I think that it may have been more work than some other classes.

That’s it for me!